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Our Studio, Awards, & Podcasts

Renovation is always a mess

Building the studio we have now, took a year and a half. We were still recording, and we had to keep asking our contractor to go do other jobs, so we could record. Got it done, though. We dripped sand into the cinder block walls, to create a better sound barrier.

Equipment - a Twitter thread

Click on the photo of the ADAT machine to read the thread on Twitter!



In a Twitter post:

"Fun fact: we recorded the first 8 WOT books 1996-1998. On this machine, an ADAT. VHS tape formatted for 8 tracks. If the machine ate your tape on the last track, you lost the entire thing. Just looking at this is triggering."


Awards and Nominations

There are many organizations that nominate narrators for awards.

One of the most well known awards is the Audie, given by APA, the Audio Publishers Association. Every year there is a gala evening, everyone all dressed up, medals for nominations clanking around the necks of the fortunate ones. Then a mad dash in a taxi to a bar to celebrate the Naudies, a less formal gathering with many of our colleagues.

Audie awards* and nominations:

2022 Rhythm of War, by Brandon Sanderson*

2019 European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman, by Theodora Goss 

2018 The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter, by Theodora Goss*

2017 The Bands of Mourning, by Brandon Sanderson

2015 Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson*

2015 My Life in Middlemarch, by Rebecca Mead

2014 The Rithmatist, by Brandon Sanderson

2013 Breasts: a Natural and Unnatural History, by Florence Williams*

2013 Savages, by Don Wilson

2011 Dead Aim, by Thomas Perry

2011 Book of Spies, by Gayle Lynds

2010 Bellwether, by Connie Willis*

2010 The Gathering Storm, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

2007 The Painted Veil, by W. Somerset Maughm

2006 Fairy Tales, by Hans Christian Andersen

2004 Blow Fly, by Patricia Cornwell

1999 Summer Sisters, by Judy Blume

AudioFile Magazine:

This is a great magazine for people who love audiobooks. They review hundreds of new audiobooks every month, host podcasts, do interviews, features, and so much more. Robin Whitten is the editor, and the founder of the mag. We have both been honored with many Earphones Awards, Best of The Year in several categories, and we have tremendous respect for all the folks at AudioFile.

Consider subscribing, to support them and stay on top of developments in the audiobook industry.

Kate's profile here

Michael's profile here


Publishers Weekly:

PW is a trade publication for publishing. Their award is called the Listen-Up. We have both been recognized by PW over the years. Here is a link to their 2010 awards.

Michael was selected for Savages, by Don Winslow, for best fiction.

Kate was recognized as a Reader of the Year for Private Life, by Jane Smiley, and The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, by Lauren Willig.

The Stabby Awards

In 2017, we became the proud owners of a pair of daggers, bestowed upon us by the good folk at Reddit's r/Fantasy group. So cool! See them here.


Travis Gafford/Mark Zimmerman




Daniel Greene

The Dusty Wheel

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Spoilercon 2019

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