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Welcome to our world! We are glad you are here.

We never imagined, when we met, that this would be our life. Book lovers, theatre lovers, and yes, married with two delightful offspring. 

We met doing theatre, began narrating audiobooks, moved into a home and built a recording studio, where we work today.

Two nerds in a basement.

Sometimes we do theatre, too.

And it's all because of you.

The listeners.

Whether you listen in your car, or while working with your hands, while walking, or lying on the sofa, alone or with others,

whether you get your audiobooks online, or from the library, or use the NLS Talking Books BARD app: we want to thank you.

When we are alone in the booth, reading a story,

it's you we are reading to.

Many of you have written to us over the years, telling us your stories: sometimes telling us we made a difference in your lives.

There is no greater reward than that. So, thank you.

Take a look, learn about our work, write to us and tell us your story,

or hire us to narrate your own book.

We have some royalty share books - and we explain how that works - on the next page, as well as our first independent production!

Michael and Kate.

Madison Productions, Inc.

Click on this photo to see the photographer's website!

Tell Clint we sent you. Our theatre headshots are by Teresa - click on them to see her work. 

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